Enjoy Healthy, Exciting, Hassle Free Holidays – 20 Travel Tips

‘Holidaying’ is an exhilarating experience. St. Augustine remarked, “The world is a vast book and those who do not travel read just only one page in it”. Holidays and vacations give everybody a break from the daily stress that gets accumulated from our everyday work and household responsibilities. It should help us relax completely and unwind for a fresh innings both at work and home. But, unfortunately, on many occasions, the holidays and vacations, that are meant to fun, exciting and hassle-free, turns out to be a very unpleasant and nightmarish experience. This is mainly due to the fact that most holidays are not planned well or people do not seek any advice on holidays and vacations.There is enough evidence to prove that most travelers do not receive enough and accurate pre-departure travel advice while they are planning holidays. It is very important that every traveler should receive adequate advice on the potential hazards in the chosen destination and how best to protect their health and minimize the risk of acquiring diseases overseas. A good planning, appropriate preventive measures, and careful precautions can substantially reduce the risk of illnesses, diseases and accidents, and others untoward incidents. This will ensure that the holidays are healthy, relaxed and stress-free.We all agree that the benefits of holidays and vacations are numerous but researches show that majority of people do not have time or make time for holidays. Regular holidays will not just unwind people from the accumulated stress of our hectic life but also will improve overall mental and psychological well-being of an individual in the long-term. Many studies have shown that regular holidays can lead to longer and healthier life, improves mental health, revamps relationships and improve self-confidence.Having worked as a medical practitioner for over 20 years, I always encourage and motivate my patients to take holidays and vacations. I also make sure that they are adequately prepared for their travel before they leave for their destinations. I have developed 20 travel tips which many travelers have found to be useful and also serves as a check-list before departure. Perhaps this may be useful to the readers as well.20 TRAVEL TIPS: A MUST-KNOW FOR ALL TRAVELERS Plan your holidays well and in advance
Always research your destination
Choose right time and season
Discuss with all travel members and other agents
Plan your budget very well
See doctor in time for check up and advice
Get travel vaccination and preventative medicines
Get comprehensive travel insurance done
Book flights, hotels, cars in advance
Obtain International Driving Permit
Know how to prevent mosquito bites
Know how to prevent water and food-borne diseases
Know what STDs are and how to prevent them
Know about travelling with medical conditions
Keep contact lenses ready and get dental check up done
Understand local customs and rules
Obey rules and regulation of the country
No drug trafficking or child sex crimes during holidays
Do not carry dangerous and prohibited goods
Always carry a Traveler’s KitIt is clear from these 20 tips that, in order to enjoy a relaxed fun-filled holidays, a meticulous planning, taking due care of health and medical issues, and getting adequate information and advice on travel-related issues are important components of healthy, exciting and hassle-free holidays and vacations.

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