Where Can I Buy Cheap Life Insurance?

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Lies, Damn Lies and the Gender Pay Gap

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How to Travel on a Budget?


Everyone needs a vacation eventually. Stressful jobs and all the drama that comes with it make a vacation sorely needed for most people nowadays. There is one problem, though. How are you supposed to afford the dream vacation that you need so desperately? With rising hotel and restaurant costs, a sweet beach vacation or cultural excursion can seem completely out of reach. There are some ways to get you relaxing or exploring without breaking into the piggy bank, though. Here are four tips on how to travel on a budget:


Eat Like a Local


If you are traveling internationally, sometimes American chain restaurants can be prohibitively expensive. It’s totally understandable to crave some of the comfort foods that you may have grown up with, but one of the best ways to save money is to search out local restaurants serving budget-friendly fare. Stay away from Americanized restaurants and start hitting up the “mom and pop” shops that use local, in-season ingredients. You may have to take a stroll through town, as many places may not have an online presence that you can look up. It certainly doesn’t mean that they are any less delicious, though! If you are traveling to someplace new, why not try new cuisine and delicacies? Your wallet (and taste buds) will thank you heartily.


Become Friends with Hostels


Hotel costs can be killer. Yes, having your own stylish room complete with views and a kitchen is completely luxurious, but, if you’re on a budget, it’s best to stray away from pricey rooms. This is where hostels come in. Hostels are co-ed, shared housing where you rent a bed dormitory-style. Some hostels have bunk beds with privacy curtains. At first glance, this may not seem like a great start to a vacation, but there are some huge advantages to staying at a hostel. First, the price can be a fraction of a private hotel room. If you are really strapped for cash, hostels can be perfect for you as some hostels around the globe go for as low as ten to fifteen dollars a night. What a huge difference! Secondly, hostels are great if you want to network with other professionals or digital nomads, or you just like hanging out with other people. Vacationing can be a little isolating, so this is a great way to meet new people at a low cost. Be sure to check reviews online and look at the different amenities! Some hostels are relaxing and have quiet hours, while some have scheduled events and parties! There’s something for everyone, for sure!


Pack Smart


Packing too much is such a common mistake. As you know, airfare is certainly not cheap. It becomes even worse once you add three different checked bags! Many people when returning from a vacation or when moving abroad say that they wish they hadn’t packed so much. If there is only one personal bag and a carry-on included in your ticket, try to only use those. It can be extremely difficult to compress everything you need into those two things, but it can certainly be done depending on your trip needs. Compressed packing cubes with zippers are great for organizing your items, while also using up as little space as possible. Another tip: don’t bring large consumables like shampoo bottles or body lotions. Sometimes, it’s worth it to stop at a local store at your new location and pick up your bulky items there instead of weighing down your suitcase. Avoiding large luggage fees can really be a money saver, so pack light! Not to mention, who wants to lug around multiple suitcases?


Cook Your Own Food


If your hostel has a public kitchen for use or your hotel has a small private one, utilize it! Eating out is part of the fun of vacations. However, eating out at every meal can completely blow a budget even if you are not splurging on fancy dinners. Hit up a local grocery store and try to eat at home at least once a day. No, it may not be as exciting as trying out that cool restaurant with a view a block away, but it can ease the financial burden of a much-needed vacation. Do try to have fun, though! Peek at local ingredients you may not usually have and try to incorporate them into your home-cooked meals. Trying new things can help make this money-saving process more exciting, so be adventurous!


Choose Transfer Options Smartly


Booking separate transfers when travelling and not as part of a package can also be a real way to save money. With the advent of the internet, there are not many aggregators online that can enable you to scour the world wide web for the cheapest transfer offers from all airports, cities, and resorts right across the world. One of the best is Airport Transfers UK who work with thousands of service providers at over 2,000 airports worldwide to deliver some of the best transfer rates online. Their transfer offer isn’t just constrained to private cars either, they also offer group travel options, public transit offers and much more to help you save. To get a free guide to how much a transfer is likely to cost then secure your instant airport taxi quote here.




Vacations and travel can be like an antidote to stressful, busy lives. Yet, worrying about your finances while trying to catch some sunshine is not what you’re aiming for. Cutting back on a few things and tweaking a few habits can make traveling not only affordable but possible. Don’t give up on your dream location! Make a plan, use these tips, and work towards it!


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