Do You Dream of Working From Home?

How different would your life be if you were able to start a home business or get employment working from home?It’s a dream for many and, although not everything can be done from a home office, with technology and the ability to outsource, it can become your reality. Even if you don’t want to actually start a new business, many company and corporate jobs can now be performed from a home office. I have spent the last 30 years working from home, earning a great income and being a stay at home mom.Benefits:

No commuting – say goodbye to driving daily in poor weather conditions and heavy traffic.

Flexible work schedule – although not optional. You must keep yourself accountable.

If you have your own business, you choose your rates and what your work is worth.

The ability to be a stay at home mom.
As a nation, we are slowly getting further and further into debt. If you were to start your own business, or even if you took on a part-time work from home job, how much difference would an extra $400 a month make in your life when paying bills and paying down debt? If you could put $100 towards debt reduction each week, how soon would you be debt-free?Starting your own business and creating a second stream of income can change your life by getting you out of debt faster!What Should You Do? How Can You Fit a Home Business or Part-Time Work at Home Job Into Your Busy Life?There are so many opportunities available to you now for working at home. Do some research to see what is available, what you would enjoy, and what would fit into your lifestyle and schedule.My home business started because I couldn’t leave my newborn to go to work. Operating a virtual business was the answer to having a career, earning an income, and being home with my baby.With the technology today, many careers can be done successfully from your home office, your back deck, or your summer cottage, and no one will ever know.Not sure what business you could start or what work-at-home employment you could get? There are many options, including reputable direct sales companies, virtual assistance and executive virtual assistance, customer service representative, consultant, writer or editor, virtual bookkeeping, virtual tutor or teacher, selling crafts and home-made items on Etsy, etc.Time Management and Revenue-Generating ActivitiesIf you have chosen to start a home business, you’ll likely find that it becomes so easy to spend day after day working “in” your business and not generating any income. What are you doing every day? It’s easy to “play office” and put in long hours on presentations, websites, and flyers, but are they actually bringing in more money? Not unless potential clients/customers actually see them. Yes, these are important, but don’t spend all your time on them.Have you identified what your revenue-generating activities are? These are activities that lead you to obtaining new clients/customers and making more money. You need to allocate enough time in your schedule to make sure you are doing these activities that will generate income. Think of at least one activity that you can do each day to move your business forward (it does not have to be the same thing each day).You need to strategize and create a time management plan, a marketing plan, and a childcare plan (especially if you have young children), and you need to stick to these plans as much as possible. Learn to discipline yourself. You can’t just start a new business and hope for the best. It takes a lot of work, but it can be successful and rewarding when you have the right guidance and your time is structured properly.What If You Try Working at Home and You’re Not Successful?If you try and you fail, then at least you have given it a shot. Otherwise, you will always wonder, “What if?”Some questions to ask yourself:

What are you not doing?

What have you not tried?

Why and what are you resisting?

What self-doubt are you allowing to creep in and decide your life course?
You’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to fail sometimes. This happens to everyone. It’s how you handle the mistakes and failures that determine if you will succeed. Are you just going to give up, or are you going to learn from these setbacks?If you’re struggling or you’re scared, consider hiring a business coach. You may need that additional support and guidance, as well as an objective and experienced point of view to help you get on the right track and make all the money you deserve.

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